Explore the benefits of Equine Therapy on your path to sobriety


Begin your journey of living a new way



Don’t struggle with drug and alcohol addiction alone, there is hope! At Skyland Ranch, we take great care to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty. Over the past 38 years the ranch has succeeded in helping hundreds of men overcome their problems with drug, alcohol, and other addiction issues. 

Skyland Ranch is a place where men can live in a drug and alcohol-free environment for short or long term drug and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. As a functioning horse ranch, we can provide a quality of life and self-esteem building opportunities that are perfect for short or long term drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Long term opportunity in a unique setting for sobriety

Whether it’s because of its breathtaking scenery and its “back to the basics” to daily living, or the atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty that we take great care to foster, the Ranch has succeeded in helping men overcome their drug and alcohol addiction issues even after attendance at many short term treatment programs and continued failure. We have seen many residents achieve success with equine therapy. Many have been to treatment before coming to the ranch.