Founded in 1987, Skyland Ranch has been helping alcoholics and addicts recover from addiction. Formerly an attorney and judge from San Diego, Mr. Pitkin (Pa), moved to the Pacific Northwest to help others battle addiction using horses as a primary tool.

Skyland Ranch provides a drug and alcohol-free environment for men who have had difficulty in remaining sober. The program provides a structured living environment of interdependence with other residents and “support team” while engaging in equine therapy.  Residents attend multiple Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, both on and offsite, for the discussion of addiction and living issues.

Skyland ranch has been a 501(c)(3) since 2002. We are also a working horse ranch, renting horses to the public and offering many equestrian activities. The residents assist in the operation of this business. They learn to work with the public. They learn to train and care for the horses. Mostly, they learn to have fun while sober and clean from alcohol and drugs. Our program tends to work well for those who’ve had difficulty remaining sober after traditional 30 to 45-day treatment programs.


Whether it’s because of the breathtaking scenery and it’s “back to the basics “ to daily living, or the atmosphere of mutual respect and honesty that we take great care to foster, the Ranch has succeeded in helping men, ages 18 to 65, overcome their problems with drugs and alcohol even after countless visits to other short-term programs.

Along with counseling, Skyland Ranch offers a horse driven 12-step program in addition to the most essential element in the recovery process – time.


Our main purpose is to offer this unique recovery tool to families of all walks of life.   The fact that we are well below the cost of other programs is not an indication of a lesser quality. We are unique in that we offer two separate enterprises symbiotically. We are fond of saying that “the horses take care of the residents and the residents take care of the horses.” Guided trail rides help support the residence program.

As a Not for Profit Corporation, we welcome your charitable donations. Our young men often do not have the resources by themselves to cover the costs of living. We have done all we can to keep tuition low; your charitable contributions, in-kind donations of property or services can help these young men back into society.